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[TowerTalk] Problem with KENPRO KR600X

Subject: [TowerTalk] Problem with KENPRO KR600X
From: Laurent Ferracci <>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 17:43:35 +0100
List-post: <>
First, let me introduce myself, as i'm a new Tower-talker. I'm Laurent -
F1JKJ, located in south of France. Sorry for limited english. French
"no-code" hams have been authorized on HF bands a few monthes ago, and
as i bought a new house in september, i now have a (little) garden for
an antenna. I've got a 12meters (~36feet) tower and a KLM KT34 in the
garden, and i'm planning to get it erected in a few weeks.

About the rotator: It's a Kenpro 5600 i used a few years ago on
satellites. In fact, it's a combination of KR600 (azimuth) and KR500
(evelation). I'll use the KR600 alone.

As it didn't turn, i've disassembled it to see what happened. I have two
problems with it: With the motor cap, and with the motor itself.

Motor cap: The cap is located in the rotor itself. I've read recent
messages about running/starting motor cap, but i still don't get it:
What's the use of that cap ? On the schematics i found, the cap is
labelled "100µF, 63V". OK for the values, but i'm in trouble with the
type of capacitor. I guess it's not polarized, right ? But if i'm
looking for another 100µF 63V not polarized cap, it's ridiculously
small compared to the one that i want to replace !

Motor itself: You can have a look on
for a photo of the motor. On the top of it, there's a white pinion. Under this pinion, a system that i can't understand. Has someone here ever disassembled this kind of motor, and is able to help me ?


Laurent F1JKJ


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