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[TowerTalk] Tower ID Help and any suggestions...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower ID Help and any suggestions...
From: "Dave Cole" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 18:23:54 -0800
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I have just obtained a 21 foot(collapsed) crank up Mast of the Tri-Ex Sky
Needle type tower.  I have not had it fully extended as of yet, and am
looking for two things if possible...

1.  How can I ID the tower and maker?
        a.  21 feet 6 inches collapsed
        b.  Crankup by hand wench
        c.  Single bolt hole in bottom to allow it to pivot over.
        d.  Base is a flat plate with two stubs coming out of it.  The mast sits
inside that.
        e.  Not alight by any means...
        f.  Old owner said it was around 35 feet tall when fully extended.
        G.  Around 20 or 25 years old
        H.  Galv steel construction
        I. Photos at (only one so far as it is raining
like mad)

2.  Any suggestions on what steps should be taken to referb it before

It looks to be in very good shape, and it came with a beam...  Any help
would be appreciated.


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