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[TowerTalk] Common feed point impact on long wire antennas

Subject: [TowerTalk] Common feed point impact on long wire antennas
From: Manish <>
Reply-to: Manish <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 22:02:32 +0530
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Hi folks,
        I wanted suggestions / thoughts  about an antenna  set up.I
have a Rhombic( pseudo rhombic  rather) of  1 wavelength for  20m band
on a  75 ohm feeder. The same feeder  feeds a 15m inverted V.

The 15m Inverted V was  made by shortening a  20 m inverted V  - but
instead of trimming the  wires I have coiled  the  wire into an air
core type former and left it there.

The SWR on both these band sis  within limis of  under 1:1.2 approx.

On the air tests on both bands proved to be good.( I did have a good
time creating a small pile up on 15m) Im assuming the Loop for 20m is
acting as a reflector for the 15m inverted V..

a.How can I Improve gain for this Loop/Inverted V combo with another reflector ?

b.Assuming that I put in another 40m Inverted V on this set up am I
going to do  some thing drastically wrong/wierd ? ( may / may not be
on same feeder )

Thanks in advance,

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