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Subject: [TowerTalk] Additonal Comm Port
From: "Noel" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 19:32:37 -0700
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Hello TT'ers,

I know this isn't exactly tower related but I'm guessing some of you
here may have already gone through this and my have some helpful advice
to my question.

I'm trying to connect a second rig to my computer but my computer only
has one comm port on the main board.  So I need to add another comm
port.  So I went out and bought a 2 port PCI card. And figured it would
be simple.  Well I installed the card and the driver no problem.  The
new ports are comm 4 and comm 5.  I connect the serial cable to the new
rig and as soon as I turn the rig on my computer locks up.  

My old rig works fine on comm1 and I can connect the new rig to comm1
and it also will work fine.  But I don't want to keep swapping cables to
use each radio, thus the second comm port.  

 So I'm guessing that either the software driver is not compatible with
WinXP or I have a resource conflict somewhere.  However, Device Manager
does not show any conflicts. I'm also guessing that that is true until I
turn on the second rig.  But then it's too late to troubleshoot because
I'm locked up.  Only fix is cold restart. So, before I pull the card and
return it I thought I'd querry the knowledge base here. 

I thought the expansion card and driver software would be smart enough
to install itself and not cause a conflict.  Duh!  One note is that the
driver is not digitally signed so that could be the problem there I
don't know.  

Anyway if anyone has experience with this I'd appreciate any helpful
advice.   Please respond off-list thanks.

West Haven, UT


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