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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 12:55:54 -0500
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Hello and HH to all.
I'm putting up 2 Rohn 25G towers attached to or home using Rohn house brackets: 
1 Uses the Rohn accessory shelf BAS25G at the top with a 2 el 40m beat just 
above the thrust bearing. I am considering modifying the second shelf to accept 
an addition thrust bearing (TB4) and installing the rotor 10 ft. or so below 
the second thrust bearing. 
The other will be toped with a Rohn 25AG2. The rotor will be mounted on a AS25G 
a few feet below a TB4 on BPL25G. Antennas are Bottom TA-33 Classic top Hy-Gain 
5 elements on 10m. Guying is NOT an option.
Constructive comments, suggestions, entertained

Bill kc0qa/4

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