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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re Painting rusty tower

I painted my 108 ft Rohn 25 this year. Most sections had little or no signs of rust. The most rusty was as sound as it was when it was new. As I recall, a little steel wool removed the surface rust, and I painted it with a commercial grade Rustoleum aluminum colored paint, using a painting mitt. Both available at Home Depot. Good idea to wear a rubber glove under the mitt...the longer it goes up your arm the better. The mitt makes it a real fast job. I brought the paint up the tower in a gallon bucket... The whole tower took only a quart of the paint. Happy Holidays...JACK W1WEF

I'm impressed Jack, I would have wound up with 1 qt. on my face alone. and curious did you paint on the way UP or way DOWN? :-)

ps: your comport interface is still working perfectly and simplest design I've found.

I'm not crazy, but I may have lost my census!

Bill H. in Chicagoland


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