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[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S fiberglass center insulator

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S fiberglass center insulator
From: "Benson,M Stokley" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 16:11:54 -0500
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I talked with Cushcraft before putting up a new A3WS with 30M add-on.
Their suggestion for the center insulator is to spray paint it with
clear Krylon.  I did that and also wrapped the insulator with Scotch 88
electrical tape.  No UV problem and antenna works FB.

I also refurbished my 15 year old A4S and the center insulator looked
just as you described.  I lightly sanded the insulator, painted it with
clear Krylon and also wrapped it with Scotch 88.  

While you have the antenna on the ground I suggest taking a peek inside
the traps.  The traps for the A4S were full of insect debris.  A chore
get apart and clean.  I also replaced the sheet metal screws on the
traps with SS ones.

Good luck.

73 / Stokley, W3SB 

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