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Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 50' telescoping mast

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 50' telescoping mast
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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 10:09:18 -0800
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If you  have the mast to be used to install a wi-fi, a single one, the first
thing is to have a good base  where you can  turn or twist a few degrees to
get the maximun signal to your w-link, maybe your supplyer have one of those
bases to your ronh mast, ask  to him, the base have one bolt that go in the
bottom of the mast , that point  must be strong  to support all the mast
plus the tension of the guy wires.

let start:

if you get  45 ft with your mast (aprox)  model rohn 50,  try to install the
anchors directly to the stud  in your roof,  i recomend  to use a 3/8 x 6
inch eye bolt  at least or the 1/2 x 6 will be  the best.

if you have room to acomodate the  wire at 60-80% of the total heigth  of
the mast  go for the 3 wires , if you are in the 50-60%  i think the 4 will
be necesary to provide a good support.   the 3 wires  at 120 deg of
separation as  show the rings on the mast,  follow that configuration,  take
to time to understand if this is your first mast.

later  get the turnbuckles  in the place ,  5 at each anchor,  at least
the bottom ones 7/16  x 6  ., the others upper 4 positions will be ok usign
3/8 x 6,   is what i use for a windy and  have no failures for long distance
connection, if the antenna moves a little  will reduce your bandwith or can
loose the link. the idea to put this big turnbukle is to tight   the mast .

later if you are usign the  big turnbuckles is obvius and common sense to
use at least 1/8  or the 6 wire gw 18 stranded cable in the bottom  with
cable clamps , bottom is the first attachment point in the mast, the big
pipe, must be the most stronger supported because that will resist all the
weight and the push up process to rise the other sections.,  for the other
sections   you can use the  next size,   i  not complete sure if the size is
like gw 12  or 6 wire gw 20  stranded, that will work.

for  the coax   will need some support to the mast, use the  3m+  tape, or
the 88 will work for that year term  or maybe more.

if the roof is in good conditions will resist the  traffic during the
isntallation, if you are not very sure, use some  tryplay  boards to put the
ladder and other tools you will need  and seal   the bolts and holes you
made in the roof, some asfalt  components or  similar will seal good, always
in a clean surface, over the bolts, over the base , just the necesary to
seal not to protect for one century,  remember you will need to remove

this is what i do most of the time , before any thing take your time , get a
helper at least that knows  where to run in case the things fail and always
take the most precautions to have a good instalation and not a big problem
to solve, double check all the  bolts,  the turnbuckles will release  or
separete in parts if you leave the cable   as you  get from the spool ,
always leave  several turns to  be sure will not release with the
installation,  this is very important for the first  section,   when you
start  in the first section or bottom, get the correct size of the wires in
that point, rise and lower the mast  the times you need to  get the correct
size or use your calculator to get the distance,  as you must know , the
turnbuckles  need to have   security wire to stop the lost of the tension,
is like an 8 ,  there in the arrl antenna book, in the  last  20 years
editions show how to do it.

any question , let me know , i have several photos of those works,   i work
in this bussines from a few years ago.

good luck and merry xmas.

XE2K/XF1K Hector Garcia
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> > Kirk:
> >
> > be more specific in this little details:
> >
> > -antenna type to put on the mast:  Flat panel or mesh dish for wireless
> data until I get the 72' Trylon self supporter in the ground for the 2
> meter repeater antenna.
> > -site to install, house, beach, mountain top ,  around trees??:  Well, I
> was try doing it on the house.  What's your experience with putting
> these on the roof?  Is it a good idea or am I just asking for leaks in
> the summer when the thunderstorms and winds come in Oklahoma?  Can a 50'
> mast be safely (and securely) anchored to the roof?  If so, what kind of
> anchors should be used (and where is the best place to get them).
> > -budget to  use ?  rope , steel wire,  depending of what is your use
> > be the material and cost - flat ground, roof mount, etc:  I think steel
> wire might be the best way to go but I am open for suggestions.  Would
> like to mount it on the ridge of the roof and guy to roof as well.  Roof
> is a pitched roof (somewhat steep but still comfortable to climb around
> on) with asphalt shingles.
> > how you want to rise it ? push up  or  all the extension:  I hand't
> thought of this but I guess the pole would have to be extended before
> raising since it would be tough to push it up while it's on the roof.
> >
> > good luck in your project and merry xmas
> Thanks for the help. This listserv is great.
> >
> >
> >> Hello to the group.  I have a Rohn 50' telescoping mast that I want to
> >> put
> >> up in a semi-permanent location (for about a year).  I am wondering
> >> the best way to guy this would be.  What type of anchors and wire
> >> I
> >> use for this?
> >>
> >> Thanks
> >> Kirk
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See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions 
and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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