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Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 12:36:00 -0500
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Supposing that what is described as "wire rope" is actually "aircraft cable"? Does that support higher loads?

Alan NV8A

On 01/03/05 06:46 pm Phil Camera tossed the following ingredients into the ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

And, if I may make my regularly scheduled transmission of safety information concerning fall protection.
One poster mentioned that he only used a rope lanyard rather than a shock absorbing lanyard, which is to be attached to the D Ring on the back of your full body harness. When the average 300 lb. individual falls, if the fall is abruptly stopped like when using a non shock absorbing lanyard, the force exerted on the body and harness is about 5000 lbs. That's enough to tear you up. Using a shock absorbing lanyard, the forces are mitigated down to about 500 lbs. When that is applied to a properly fitting full body harness, those loads are transferred to the strongest bones in the body, your hips.

The poster from below mentions the safety cable, which is a good idea except it must also be designed properly. OSHA dictates that all fall protection attachment points be capable of withstanding a 5000 lb. load. 3/8 wire rope has a working load limit of less than 3000 lbs. Also, the attachment up top must be very robust. Inquiring minds may want to know. Be safe, Phil KB9CRY


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