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[TowerTalk] galvanizing chrome moly

Subject: [TowerTalk] galvanizing chrome moly
From: Todd Ruby <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 08:58:34 -0500
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Well, I way overdid anti rust protection on my mast. So much so that we did have to scrape away a section of several days of my coating efforts to fit the mast in the thrust bearing. The first coat of cold galvanizing zinc paint would have sufficed. In any case, the remaining mast will never rust in several dozen lifetimes (aint that grand!). Sherwin Williams has very expensive epoxy urathane coatings that they use on bridges and inside nuclear reactors and like a knucklehead I went and treated the whole pipe with a 2 coat application.

As for the inside, the advise I received and followed from Norm of US Tower was to get a tennis ball or some such thing and stuff it in the top. Tony Faiola, K3WX and I found a small football kind of toy and the tower monkey stuffed in the top and sealed it with silicone.



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