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Interesting problem.  Often I find yellow jackets and/or red wasps flying
around my tower, even at 150 feet.  However, they do not make nests anywhere
I have seen, and I have never been stung.  Once, while working at the very
top, a wasp lit on the thrust bearing just as I was about to loosen the
bolts to raise the mast.  It just perched there and seemed to be daring me
to put my hands near the bearing.  Since I was wearing leather gloves I just
waved him away and went about my business.  He did not go very far, and
eventually lit on the far side and watched me through the whole process.  A
climber friend of mine said they are particularly attracted to galvanized
steel towers.

Keith NM5G
Wasn't there a brand of antennas called HORNET a few years back?
Could that have been the reason?

When you don't know what you are doing, do it neatly. -----------------------------------------------------

Bill H. in Chicagoland


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