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RE: [BULK] - [TowerTalk] Omni Directional Antenna on Tower

To: 'Dino Darling' <>
Subject: RE: [BULK] - [TowerTalk] Omni Directional Antenna on Tower
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 09:34:45 -0800
List-post: <>

Actually, don't EVER use LMR-400 for a duplex operation.  There is some
interaction between the braid and the foil shield that causes noise and
harmonics in a duplex operation.  Actually, it always does it, but in a
simplex operation, it doesn't cause a problem.  The RG-214 has a double
braid and does not have the silver/aluminum interaction and is a good

[Steve Katz] ::Hi Dino...your observations about LMR-400 are interesting,
but I've never had this problem myself, and I've used LMR-400UF at repeater
sites all over the place, full duplex (single antenna) systems at 100W TX
power and extremely sensitive receivers.  Possibly this is a problem that
occurs over time, but in a couple of years I haven't seen it.  My local 2m
machine runs 50W output, 600 kHz spacing, can hear a pin drop 75 miles away
and uses LMR-400UF.  I wonder if the problem you describe is due to improper
connector installations, which of course are rampant with this stuff...  -73
de Steve WB2WIK/6 


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