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To: Bruce Osterberg <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Force 12?
From: "Alan C. Zack" <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 19:42:44 -0800
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I am not happy with F12. They acknowledged an item of my shipment WAS missing and then told me it was MY problem and I had to go to their vendor to get the part (a $3.00 item).
That was after over 25 emails and 10 phone calls over a year period when I was told by a receptionist that someone would get back to me but never did. I finally got the above response in person from F12's owner at his booth at the Intl DX Convention in Visalia. He remembered my emails and phone calls but said he did not respond because it was not his problem that his vendor did not include a part I needed. He would not even tell me who to contact to get the part, I had to learn where to get it from other people on the F12 reflector.
To me, that is NOT good customer service.
At one time they had a gentleman named Natan who was good at answering technical questions but could not help with missing parts. Only the owner, Tom, could help with parts matters and trying to get his help was useless. For what ever reason, Natan is no longer with F12.

I would not purchase another F12 product. Mosley, Cushcraft, and Hy-Gain still have good product lines that are affordable and who still offer customer service after the sale.

Bruce Osterberg wrote:

I dont Know Why everyone continues to bash force 12.

Their customer service is excellent.

I have never had a problem with them, (customer service), even though I have had problems with parts missing or wrong parts sent.

If you are not Happy with their antennas go some place else, (opti-beam), spend a thousand more and not worry about it.

N9BX 73 Bruce


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