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[TowerTalk] Torque balancing...agreement!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Torque balancing...agreement!
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 13:36:09 -0500
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We read and learn.  w0un and I are not in total agreement, 
but he's a bright and reasonable guy...and it's obvious that
the problem is communications.  We're describing the elephant
from different appendages.

I'm still looking for Weber's paper...but in the course of 
googling it, I came up with a TT post on the SAME TOPIC, made
by me, in 2002.   Did we ever resolve the question of windload
on a helix?

After I read Weber's paper, John and I will chat offline...if
any concensus develops to help the guy trying to balance the
kt34XA, one of us (not both)  will post it.

THAT SAID.... I submit the following observations:

*  Windload calculation and torque balancing are different problems.
*  John is right, the elements for the most part cancel out.  If you
        place your hose clamps exactly the same way in all locations,
        they pretty much DO cancel out.
*  45 degrees is the worst angle to calculate windload...and that
        problem is truly gnarly...but you don't have to solve it to
        "balance" the torque.
*  Adding weight to the nose, instead of offsetting the boom is the
        smartest idea I've seen so far.  It may worsen the aerodynamic 
        imbalance, though.   
*  Even with weight added, the array isn't symmetrical, due to the 
        clean 10m director, and maybe 5% differences between reflector
        and directors.  
*  The nose will need a trimtab.  I used 4" x 8.5", 15' from the mast.
        It could be slid, for tuning.

Best regards,



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