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From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 09:50:45 -0800
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At 07:50 AM 1/10/2005, Mike D. wrote:
> Not just you.  Every poster gets this.  One way to eliminate
> the faulty subscription is to filter the responder, but this
> listserv may not support filtering at that level.  Another
> way is to delete the subscriber list and require all
> subscribers to re-subscribe.  This has been done on other
> reflectors in the past to clean them up.

It would be simpler to eliminate subscriptions from e-mail forwarding
accounts (e.g.,,,, etc.). I administer
several lists using MAILMAN software, like this list. All of my lists
prohibit subscriptions from forwarding accounts.

73 de Mike, N9BOR

But this raises problems for those who LIKE the redirection provided by an email alias. You could send email to my address forever, without having to worry about where I might work now. This is particularly important when you put email addresses on things which have long durations (like journal articles).

Or, for personal email, if you decide to change ISPs (or your ISP changes their domain name), it's much easier to change the redirect in a few places, rather than all the places you've happened to subscribe over the years.

Mind you, it DOES create a problem if you don't take on the responsibility for keeping things up to date.

One could also argue that the mailing list owner should periodically "test" all the target emails (one by one) to see which ones bounce (even from an alias). Many lists (including this one) send out monthly reminders, and within the reminder email is the address to which the message was sent. If the bounces from those emails came back to the list administrator, it would be a simple matter to figure it out. It's even easier, if the subject line included the email address, then you don't have to count on the bounce process sending back the original email.

In fact, that brings up an interesting question, why aren't those monthly messages to's alias getting bounced back to


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