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Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:42:54 -0000
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No they haven't, I got one 1/2/05 for all my list memberships.

David Robbins K1TTT
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://

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> From: Joe Subich, K4IK []
> Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 19:24
> To: 'David Robbins K1TTT';
> Subject: RE: [TowerTalk]
> > The only way I can think of tracking this is to play spammer,
> > take the raw group list and send each member a unique message
> > then see which one comes back...
> I have contacted ARRL and is not something they
> forward to.
> > That being said, there may be another way with the assistance
> > of someone at they send a monthly reminder
> > of what lists you are on, your 'secret' password, etc...  this
> > message includes your email address as known by the list.
> Because the monthly e-mail reminders were causing
> to be blacklisted, they have been suspended.  That option is not
> currently available!
> Another solution would be to simply set every one on the list to
> "no mail" ... then each user could log-in and reset their own
> account for mail.  One has to assume that is not
> getting the e-mail and won't miss them.
> 73,
>    ... Joe, K4IK


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