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Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:52:57 -0600
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Why do you use your account?  It is nothing more than an alias so
other hams can easily email you if they know your call.  For example, mine

You don't need to subscribe to a list using this alias.  Instead, sub with
your ISP address.  If you want replies to go to your alias, change the reply
email address in your email client.  For example, if you reply to this post
you will be sending to, which is the alias I choose for all
email to me because most folks know my name.  If you change your ISP
resubscribe under your new ISP and unsub the old address.  If this seems
like a big problem, remember it is only for lists, not ALL of your email

Here are a few of the email addresses I use: (ISP, use to sub to lists) (preferred alias) (ARRL alias) (DX alias) (high school reunion alias) (personal server alias) (DX server alias) (high school reunion server alias)

All of these come to

Keith NM5G

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>Thanks for your note. Yes, you, et al, might "like" using an alias 
>e-mail account, but that is the problem. Your unwillingness to be 
>slightly inconvenienced, when/if you ever change your e-mail provider 
>is probably the same reason [] subscribed using his.
>There are probably 700+ subscribers to TowerTalk. The few subscribers 
>using alias accounts are apparently unwilling to be personally 
>inconvenienced, yet are also bothered by NEVER ENDING bounces to every 
>contributor. There is no way to test every subscribed e-mail address. 
>If there were, the MAILMAN software would have removed the offending 
>address a long time ago. It is automatic-I administer seven Ham Radio lists
using this application.
>The only practical solution is for the list administrator to 
>unsubscribe every known e-mail forwarding address and restrict future 
>subscriptions from those addresses.

Um Mike...
You DO realize that your solution would completely "zap" *

Bill - WB1GOT


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