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[TowerTalk] Let's Move On

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Let's Move On
From: "Jerry Keller - K3BZ" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 13:39:33 -0500
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To my fellow TT'ers:

Steve has responded, and we are each free to draw our own conclusions according 
to our own values.
We are each free to reach our own decision as to the appropriate way to react. 
(hopefully) all adults... as is Steve... as is Mr. Cariello. As adults, we can 
choose the
best way to go on from here. Our choices will, as always, reflect who and what 
we are.

I find great value in TowerTalk as an information and advice forum, and I would 
like it to survive
this situation. I would... with respect... suggest that we all discontinue 
discussion of this matter
on the reflector. Some of us may feel the need to unsubscribe themselves and 
not participate
further. Some of us will want to go on. I for one want to put this matter aside 
and move on.

Quite correctly, I have nothing to say about how TT is run. I know this is not about me, but it happens that I'm
the "owner" of aYahooGroup. Not because I really "own" anything, but because that's the
title Yahoo assigns to the guy whose privelege it is to serve the membership by taking the Group controls.
I'm not trying to set any standards here, but I feel "my" YahooGroup is really "owned" by all the 700+ members, not by me. I make decisions based on what I think is good for the group, and so far whatever's been good for the group has also been good for me. I aim to keep it that way, but if any of the
members feel like bashing me, they are certainly welcome to do so. I'm not perfect and I'd be a fool
not to listen... because, who knows, I might learn something from what they have to say.
I might not enjoy it, but I just might gain from it.

But hey, that's just me... anyone else's mileage may vary... and here's the important thing: we're all human and we all screw up on
occasion and we all say and do things that we might regret but don't like to admit and just hope
will blow over so we can... move on. So, please, let's.

my 2.5 cents...

73, Jerry K3BZ


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