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[TowerTalk] Banishment

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Banishment
From: "Mike Fatchett, W0MU" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:40:04 -0700
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As Steve pointed out, he started the reflector and is the moderator.  If you
don't like the way he runs the reflector feel free to start your own. Nobody
if forcing you to stay or read any posts that appear on this reflector.  You
are a member of the reflector because the owner of the list wants you as a

FYI many reflectors require the moderator to approve all messages prior to
them being released to the entire list.  CQ-Contest is one of these lists
and if your post is off topic, off color you can expect the post to be
rejected.  This is probably not practical here due to the quantity of posts.

I think Steve was trying to head off exactly what happened. Steve's
statements to the individual in question could have been stated differently
if indeed he was quoted accurately.

I have been a member of this list on and off since its creation and would
like to thank the many contributors to the list for countless tips, tricks
and valuable information.  This reflector has flourished because of the
wealth of information and knowledge that the members have been able to
share.  I don't recall the banned individual participating in any topic.
Individuals are still able to view the information on this reflector by
looking at the archives.  There is no inherent right as a Ham to belong to
this list.

Bottom line, if you have something positive or pertinent to the reflector
then please share it.  If you want to bash or complain take those posts

Just my opinion



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and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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