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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Station Ground
From: "Pat Barthelow" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 14:49:24 -0800
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Kelly, and TT:

One reason for the desirability of broad, flat ground conductors at RF, is that the series inductance of such is much less than "round" conductors of any manageable size... While a narrow stricture somewhere in the conductor should be avoided if possible, and it is difficult to avoid entirely, you still gain benefits from the broad conductor contributing less total inductance to the ground system....even if in series with a small run of narrow conductor...

73, DX, de Pat AA6EG

OK, I've gotten several responses to my station
ground question.  Nearly all of them have described
a ground system with "beefy" (#0 or #2 stranded)
wire connecting a bus-bar in the shack to a
ground rod (or multiple ground rods connected
together), but all of them have described how they
connect the rig to the bus-bar using much smaller
(like #10) wire.  Isn't this a "weakest link problem"?
Why do you need "beefy" connections from bus-bar
to ground when you use much smaller wire
connecting the equipment to the bus-bar?
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