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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Station Ground
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Station Ground
> We should always run a common low resistance buss along the
> bench and tie everything to it. That buss should be commoned
> with the neutral of the power line entering the operating
> position, and can (and probably should) tie into the shack
> entrance panel ground if it is close.

That one might get you in trouble with the electrical code inspector.  I
think (but can't find my code handy) that the neutral and electrical safety
ground are supposed to be bonded at only one point, and that's the service
entrance.  You might be able to rebond the neutral at a subpanel, but I'm
not sure.

I think the concern is that if the neutral wire between power line entry to
the shack and the service entrance goes open, then the neutral in the shack
will float up to line voltage (through the series resistance of any
equipment that is connected).  If you've connected equipment chassis to the
neutral (via your low resistance buss), you've created a hazard.

Perhaps a better approach is to bond your buss to the building grounding


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