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I'm curious about the comment below regarding using razor
blades for trimming...

Are you saying that was the tool used for the entire cable
end preparation or just the braid trim step? Please
elaborate a bit on the process you used for cable end prep.,
getting the measurements right, including the dielectric end
to braid edge dimension, cutting jigs used etc?

Thanks for your time.


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Installing PL259

Big snip....

::As part of a business operation I ran for several years,
we soldered 500-800 PL-259 cable assemblies per day, using
only single-ended razor blades (the original Amphenol
recommended tool!) for trimming and American Beauty 120W
irons for soldering, along with .062" diameter 60/40
rosin-core "radio" solder, and Amphenol 83-1SP (silver
plated) connectors.  



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