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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:12:51 -0800
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Well that's interesting. You referenced several times in
your posts "...what Amphenol recommends..." etc. - for
example not pre-tinning the braid and now the 0.00" braid
edge dimension. I was surprised because the old assembly
instruction sheet from Amphenol that I've always used
indicates that 1) there should be a "set back" between the
face of the dielectric and the edge of the braid (not flush
cut) and 2) the braid and center conductor should be

Based on your comments I thought maybe they had re-written
the assembly instructions since the assembly sheet I have is
from a thirty year old Amphenol publication. I just checked
the Amphenol site
.pdf) for the current assembly instructions for the 83-1SP
series and today's version is nearly identical to the one I
have. I don't know about the "military specifications" you
referenced but on the assembly page above they do define a
small set back of the braid from the end of the dielectric
and they do specify pre-tinning both braid and center
conductor. The note on preparation certainly supports your
razor blade approach since they do specify "All cuts are to
be sharp and square".

You obviously found a solution for your production line and
I'll try your razor blade approach for cutting but think
I'll stick with the vendor on the other steps.

Thanks for your description and suggestions. It's amazing
how many different approaches are used considering how
common these connectors are.


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I'm curious about the comment below regarding using razor
blades for trimming...

Are you saying that was the tool used for the entire cable
end preparation or just the braid trim step?

::Yep! (WB2WIK/6)

elaborate a bit on the process you used for cable end prep.,
getting the measurements right, including the dielectric end
to braid edge dimension, cutting jigs used etc?

::Don't need any of this, except a cutting guide for cable
end, because that remains constant for all cable types.
Dielectric to braid edge measurement for RG213/U and
equivalent types = 0.00".  We always cut the braid and
dielectric flush with a single rotary cut using a single
edged razor blade, going through the cable jacket, braid and
dielectric in a single cut operation (5 seconds), stopping
when the center conductor is contacted by the blade, without
nicking that conductor.  Then, the jacket alone is removed
1/2" down from the first cut point, using the same blade.
Pull the jacket off and discard, slip the PL-259 shell over
the cable, twist PL-259 connector body onto cable, and start
soldering.  Once an operator gets good at this, this part of
the operation takes about ten seconds.  It takes very sharp,
brand new razor blades, so they are usually discarded after
each trim job (in bulk, they only cost nine cents each).  I
used to buy ten gross blades every week, maybe more.  That's
only $130/weekly investment in blades, which do the job
absolutely perfectly, and better than anything else we could
ever find.  We got about $6 back in recycling rebates for
each gross recycled, so that saved a little bit. (WB2WIK/6)

Thanks for your time.

::No sweat, happy trimming! (WB2WIK/6)



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