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Subject: [TowerTalk] N connectors pulling off
From: "Bill VanAlstyne, W5WVO" <>
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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:22:36 -0700
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The thread on PL-259s has been very instructive, and appreciated. But I'm
having problems with genuine Amphenol N connectors (clamp/solder type)
installed on Belden 9913F7 coax. And yes, I did buy the type of N connector
specified for this cable type (82-202-1006, as opposed to the 82-202
characterized for RG-8).

Problem is, the connectors seem to pull off very easily, especially after
they have been installed for a year or so. My preliminary hypothesis is that
the dielectric, braid shield, and jacket gradually "shrink back" from the
center conductor, which (since the center conductor, when mated with a
receptacle, can't go forward) tends to pull the braid out of the grasp of
the threaded-on clamp that is supposed to secure it. And so the connector
pulls off easily. I believe that this is what's happening because, when I
reassemble the connector to the cable end without recutting anything, the
center conductor pin protrudes further forward than it is supposed to -- 
further than it did when originally installed. Then, when I screw the
connector onto its mating receptacle, the center pin and cable body are
forced backward, pulling the braid out of the connector clamp. At least,
this is what I THINK is happening.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem with N connectors,
and if so, is it just with this type of coax/connector I'm using, or is this
phenomenon common to all N connectors and coax of this size. And, of course,
is there a "fix" that will prevent this from happening? Is there a better
way to install clamp/solder N connectors than the method specified by
Amphenol? Are the crimp-on N connectors better? If so, how much does the
crimping tool cost?

Bill / W5WVO

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