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[TowerTalk] horizontally polarized antennas and salt water

Subject: [TowerTalk] horizontally polarized antennas and salt water
From: Stephen Reichlyn <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:53:51 -0500
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Gentlemen and Ladies of Towertalk:

Anecdotal comments about antennas and their performance by the sea are many and sundry. I wonder if
those who have experience with this phenomena can comments on the following points:

We have all read that vertical antennas work especially well on (or near) the beach. I have first hand experience
with this and certainly agree that this is the case. I often wondered whether radials (even simple 2 wire systems)
are really needed next to salt water.

1.The ultimate question is 'what effect does the salt water have on horizontally polarized HF antennas, if qny'?

2. Do you think that tidal changes (for instance +/- 6 feet) in the near field have an effect on angle of radiation
of horizontally polarized antennas, such as yagis.

3. How far away from the ocean (in miles) do you think the near field salt water effect disappears?

4. Or do you think that salt water near field has NO effect on horizontally polarized antennas?

Steve AA4V

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