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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 12:18:55 -0500
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I've had similar problems with the mast freezing in the sleeve... My solution was to make a cone-shaped guard and fasten it around the mast slightly above the sleeve opening (seal it well). It can be of sheet-metal although I used fairly stiff plastic sheet and heated it to form the cone. When done properly, any moisture (rain, snow, sleet) will be diverted away from the mast-sleeve junction and the mast will not freeze in the sleeve. You might want to apply some low temperature silicone grease to the mast, where it passes through the sleeve. Don't use ordinary grease because it is not capable of withstanding very low temperatures without getting stiff. If you have enough space between the mast and sleeve, a sheet of TEFLON can be used in place of the silicone grease. According to DuPont, TEFLON is the slipperiest material on Earth...<grin> By the way, if you can find a GIANT FUNNEL, you will have most of the shield right from the start...!

73, Larry - W1GOR

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Frozen Rotor

Winter greetings!

With the help of a good antenna guy, I installed a roof-mount tower (20
ft Rohn 25) with a Yaesu G-1000 holding up a 3-el SteppIR on an 8 ft
mast.  Nothing exotic here, but it gets out nicely.

We've had a couple of nights this winter of below 10F.  I've found the
rotor just won't budge until morning, when things warm up into the
teens.  What's going on?

There could be some ice in the tower sleeve.  Is that the most likely?
Shouldn't the G-1000 be able to break through?  The rotor does not slip
against the mast.  (Indicator does not move.)

What do people do to prevent this?  Lubricate the sleeve, provide a
weather shield, heating tape, ...?

73, Martin AA6E


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