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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] Frozen Rotor
From: "Mac" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 14:06:15 -0500
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> I've done something similar to what Larry has done; however, I use heavy
> duty, flexible vinyl and fold it into a simple cone.  I wrap the top of
> the cone around the mast above the thrust bearing so it forms an umbrella
> to protect moisture from settling on or into the bearing.  The vinyl can
> obtained as scrap from fabric shops or upholstery shops.

The problem with vinyl up here in the frozen north is it getting brittle.
Down here in the frozen South, we use Fernco rubber pipe couplers from Home
Depot or Lowes... fit the small end to your mast, clamp with worm-gear hose
clamp and get the big end big enough to shield the bearing or tower-top
sleeve(no clamp).... NO GREASE NEEDED. Yes, the rubber may deteriorate in
about 20 years.... someone else's problem! We also use Never-Seez in thrust
bearings. Wonderful stuff.

Mac, W8XF


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