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Re: RE : [TowerTalk] New FCC chariman needs to be a HAM!

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Subject: Re: RE : [TowerTalk] New FCC chariman needs to be a HAM!
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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 11:11:22 -0500
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Robert Shohet wrote:
Good point!  and we have seen how badly that concept has failed in the "real

Apple Computer Co. was headed for certain bankruptcy until they
hired a barely computer literate Pepsi Corp. executive to take
over and convert them from a garage-business to a sustainable international corporation.

America was depressed and hopeless, disrespected by the world
and victimized by thugs, until we elected a former actor Ronald
Reagan President ... then we spoke with authority once again.

It is frequently true that the technologically competent and
politically experienced lack the necessary leadership and
visionary skills to be successful leaders.

Different skill sets are needed at different moments in the
life of corporations and countries.

The Ham who is brilliant at repairing BA's using a soldering gun
may or may not be the guy you want repairing your SMD 2.4GHz
pre-amp scheduled for your new 200 foot tower.  (There, made it
relevant to the list again!)

73, doc kd4e

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