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Re: [TowerTalk] FCC Chaurman needs to be a ham

To: ("K8RI on Tower Talk"), ("Jim Brown"),
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] FCC Chaurman needs to be a ham
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 14:56:43 -0500
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"K8RI on Tower Talk" <> wrote:

>If I'm going to install a tower, I really don't have to know anything about 
>the engineering of a tower.
>It helps, but it's not necessary.
>I do have to know who does know, or how to find who knows.
>I need to know where to find the information for guying and concrete, or who 
>to ask.
>It helps if I already know, but again it's not necessary.
>I do need to know it's highly advisable to talk to my zoning board if my 
>township (location) has one.
>They will tell me if any zoning applys to my proposed installation.
>They will tell me if I need a permit.
>There are only two regulations here. ?"Set back" limitations for safety. 
>Don't bother even trying to get past this one even if you have a small lot. 
>Set back is safety and no other regulations over ride safety. ?The second is 
>any thing over 80 feet requires a permit and must be properly engineered. 
>80 feet and under doesn't even receive a building permit. It doesn't even 
>matter if is sets in 80 yards of concrete, here it won't get a permit. ?How 
>high should I put each antenna and how far apart? ?I ask or look it up, but 
>I dont have to know it. ?I am required to know about RF safety regulations. 
>Even then all I have to know is how to plug in the numbers to an on-line 
>calculator. ?I do not have to do the actual calculations or even any 
>precision measurements.
>Yes, it would also be in my best interests to talk with my insurrance agent 
>as to what they'd like to see. ?The question often arises as to whether the 
>tower should be attached to the house or not. In my case it's not attached 
>and I can insure it as an additional structure for an additional charge. 
>Most companies will insure it for 10% if attached just like any other 
>attached structure for no additional charge. ?I have a small home and a big 
>tower. ?I'm far better off with it as a ?seperate structure.
>OK... In another life I worked my way up to project manager.
>Again, It *helped* that I knew the work flows and my degree is in computer 
>science, BUT I was paid to know who to get to do each phase of the projects. 
>I was paid to know who to get to do the FDA validation. This is not the 
>validation most engineers think of. ?The higher I moved up the ladder the 
>more I was managing people and the less I used my own knowledge of the 
>subjects. ?That I knew the subjects and work flows helped me evaluate what 
>the engineers, techs, and consultants told me though. ?They had a much more 
>difficult time with the old, "If you can't dazzle them with briliance, 
>baffle them with BS" as I could tell what shown and what smelled.
>IOW I was paid to know who knew each phase of the project and how to get it 
>done. ?If I neede to know how some particular lab test was done I either 
>knew who to ask, or how to find who to ask. ?I did very little hands on work 
>with the projects. ?Managing them I had no time for the actual "people 
>work". ? ?I had to manage the peole who knew where to get the information 
>and those who did the work.
>There is no way a manager can know every phase of an operation, unless it is 
>a small operation, or one that produces few and similar products. ?Even 
>conputer science has become such a large field we all specialize in some 
>phase, or aspect.
>The same is true in communications and in government.
>Yes it would be nice to have some one as chairman who is knowledgeable and 
>in favor of amateur radio, or one who understands the physics of how this 
>stuff works, but as long as he, or she has no ?personal agenda ?they should 
>be able to rely on the knowledge of others.
>OTOH we should always be on the watch for some one setting the stage for 
>their own advancement at the expense of amateur radio once they leave the 
>Roger Halstead (K8RI, EN73 & ARRL Life Member)
>N833R, World's Oldest Debonair (S# CD-2)
>See: ?for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless 
>Weather Stations", and lot's more. ?Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any 
>questions and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.
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See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
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and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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