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[TowerTalk] Force 12 disassembly

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force 12 disassembly
From: "WD4K" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:29:03 -0600
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To Tommy and all, I have assembled and disassembled several of my C31's so I
have done LOTS of rivets..Hi  Buy several very good quality 1/8" drill bits
and use only those. BUT, be very careful!! It is SO easy for the bit to slip
off of the rivet and into your hand before you realize it. Hold the element
AWAY from the point you are drilling. I had one slip off, drill into the
fleshy part of my thumb, hit a nerve and wound up in the ER. This can happen
so quickly before you realize with that many rivets and that much aware and careful with each one...the project went well and
the reassembled antennas were no different and as solid as when new....73,
good luck Tommy WD4K


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