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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Utility pole beam mount
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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 10:25:21 -0800
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Hiya ... I've made many pole installations using 4x4 lumber .. 2 pieces about big enough to do what you have designed. Drill 2 holes in each 4x4, each side of the pole you are going to mount the system on. Use heavy duty alltread, heavy duty fender washers ... clamp the pole, the supports about 3-4 feet apart ... the vertical mast will go to the side of the service pole rather than on it. Added bonus ... again, drilling holes and using allthread for the u-bolts, you can lay a mast across the top of the horizontal 4x4s, and provide antenna mounts and hangers for other items. An elbow on the end of that horizontal pipe will allow you to mount a fixed 6M beam, for example, in the horizontal plane. A heavy metal L bracket, all nicely pre-drilled, can provide a mount for a rotator, if one prefers to not use a bottom mast connection to mount it. So ... you can mount several types of antennas on this mogonicle... I've never had one break nor fall down. Mostly, I used this on trees and poles for mounting FM Broadcast translator antenna systems, the SCALA 10 element heavy duty ... 2 on a crossbar, one vertical, one horizontal.
Use quality non-rusting hardware, knot-free wood, and the proper "goop" so you can dismantle sometime in the future without having to use a hacksaw! HIHIHI.... Those with repeater sites on mountaintops --- worky worky, if you have trees!
This is just the basic idear, your mileage may vary, and you can improve and modify --- share with us what you come up with! 73, Mark AA6DX Eureka, Far Northern California

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Utility pole beam mount

I have a 25 foot utility pole which I had installed when I built my house
25 years ago.  I am using it to hold one end of a couple of dipoles and a
long wire antenna.  I would like to use it to mount a small beam antenna.
Years ago Telerex had a utility pole hardware kit - the TMPH10, but
apparently they are out of the antenna business.  Do any of the list
members know of a substitute available.  I was also thinking of buying a
Glen Martin Hazer and mounting it permanently at the top with the pole
inside it; has anyone done this?
Randy - K4YYX


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