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Subject: RE: [BULK] - [TowerTalk] PL-259 Soldering temperature
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 16:32:45 -0800
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I noted that Keith had said in an earlier thread that he used a solder
station set at 650F. I have a TC201 (42 watt) with a 700F short conical tip
and it takes a long time to solder the shell. I usually use the gun to help
but am shy of hands unless at the bench. I want to get a larger mass tip
and was considering 800F rating. Is this excessively hot? Thanks!

::You could set it to 10,000 degrees and it wouldn't matter.  Solder melts
between 450 and 500 degrees F, depending on the alloy.  A solder station
doesn't provide sufficient thermal mass to transfer heat to a PL-259
connector body.  You need a soldering "iron" (not pencil); a simple Weller
SP-120 handles the job well, and easily.  -WB2WIK/6

Eddie - WB4MLE

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