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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:38:14 -0600
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Since you did not reply off-list, I will try here.

First, you are straying from your initial claim:
"A solder station doesn't provide sufficient thermal mass to transfer heat
to a PL-259 connector body."
I challenged this statement because it's what I have used for years to
successfully attach more than 200 PL259's.

Second, you now claim that you can solder five PL259's after your iron is
heated up and unplugged.
I also challenge this statement, not because I have proof otherwise, but
just want to see it happen.

Third, there is nothing in any of your claims about what a completed PL259
should look like.  I like for my connections to be professional grade where
the solder is all within the holes, not strewn around the barrel, and the
dielectric is not drawn in from excessive heat.

Keith NM5G

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A solder station doesn't provide sufficient thermal mass to transfer heat to
a PL-259 connector body.

You obviously have not used a Weller WESD51 or EC1002.  After you "drain"
all of the heat from your "iron" I will still be melting solder on another

Keith NM5G

::Keith, the very bench unit I use is the Weller WESD51PU with pencil and
variety of tips, and I think your assessment is pretty far off-base.  My
SP-120 can continue to solder PL-259 bodies, successfully and quickly, after
it's warmed up, for about four or five connectors *after it's unplugged from
the line,* just using its residual stored energy.  The WESD51, cranked to as
much heat as it can generate, isn't anything even close to this.  I'd be
happy to challenge you to a "solder-off" at a ham gathering somewhere, if we
can both be at the same place, to demonstrate this.  To drain the heat from
the standard SP-120 tip takes pressing the tip to something about the mass
of a bench vise, for about one minute.  -WB2WIK/6


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