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Re: [TowerTalk] R8 vs 6BTV, etc.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] R8 vs 6BTV, etc.
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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 17:05:05 -0500
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Charlie wrote:
I was in the same sort of quandary some months back that is, in choosing a multi-band vertical. I happened along to where the 4-5-6BTV Hustlers are revered. I purchased a 5-BTV along with the 60 connection stainless steel radial plate and the tilt-over bracket mounting fixture. I have read also many favorable reports on the Hustler BTV line.

As far as power robbing aspects I know of none. I have photos of my 5-BTV installation and swr plots at

Once the xBTV vertical has been tuned to satisfaction what is the value of the tiltover?

Here in Florida I suppose when heavy storms approach one might
lower it ... hmmm.

I used multi-conductor flat rotator control cable with separate
strands cut to 1/4 wave on the various bands as the groundplane.
Had to add a second set to get acceptable results, once the
house is done I will relocate to the permanent location and
add a couple of additional lengths.

-- Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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