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[TowerTalk] 4 way guyed, tiltover 25G?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 4 way guyed, tiltover 25G?
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 05:32:21 -0500
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Just wondering if anyone else has seen the tiltover
system which is used by several Frankford Radio Club
members?  Locally called the W3GM design, but Gerry Mathis
may have cribbed it from someone else.

What he did was 4 way guy his 100' 25g towers.  Then, he
attached 30' sections of 25g at the base, as permanently
installed ginpoles.  The key to this is the base fixture
which ties the two towers together...and the foldover hinge
can be a std. rohn, or can be incorporated into the fixture
tieing the tower sections together.

Side guys have to be the same length.  Back-guys go to the
ginpole tower, which in turn ties into a deadman/cable/winch

The 'ginpole' tower goes up, as the big tower lays over.
Gerry drove the lifting mechanism with a half inch electric 
drill.  Took maybe 40 minutes, each way, to lay over a 100'
stick for antenna work.  He had 5 of these, as I recall, 
plus a few smaller 25g's for higher angle stuff.  

Some of the FRC guys have done the same thing with 45G, although
the base unit which ties the towers together becomes a serious
bit of material.  



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