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[TowerTalk] Tower/antenna installation kudos to Don Daso andothers...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower/antenna installation kudos to Don Daso andothers...
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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 16:19:25 -0500
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Good day to all...

    All too often we hear only the gripes, complaints, carping and the general 
drum of comments of dissatisfaction and gloom and doom on these forums.  Today 
I wish to share with you comments of praise and satisfaction for a job 

    My tower/antenna project recently took a quantum leap toward completion as 
a result of the efforts of Don Daso, K4ZA.  The physical installation of the 
tower and antennas (176+ feet AGL) has now been completed.  This was a very 
complex installation consisting of three Force 12 stacked yagis (with a C-51 on 
top of the stack),  an 80 meter Force 12 rotating dipole and other associated 
antennas, control wiring, etc., etc., etc., . . . .  Due to the location, 
terrain, obstructions and other factors, this was a very, very complex 
installation requiring the utmost of delicate handling and sheer brute-force to 
get everything where it needed to be without damaging anything or anybody.  All 
was done with true professionalism.  (Although the interconnection wiring and 
tune-up/finalization of the project is not completed, it has now passed a major 
hurdle and the project will only hopefully be downhill from now on.)  


    Some photos of the installation and of Don and the "crew" can be found at:


Click on the photo labeled "Tower and Antenna" and then click on "view 
slideshow" to sequence through the photos.


     Don was well-experienced,  well-equipped, and well-tempered for the job at 
hand.  Don is from Stanley, N.C. (near Charlotte) and is highly recommended by 
me for antenna/tower work.  

    Also ably assisting with the tower/antenna installation  was Ken Boyd, 
K4DXA, Roger Burt, N4ZC, my father, Cliff Bond, K4SBH and my daughter, 
Margaret, KD4WID.  Thanks and Grand Kudos to all.

    I must also compliment Tom and Michelle at Force 12 for both going beyond 
the call of duty.  Tom was always there with an answer when needed and Michelle 
expedited the logistics of last-minute changes with dedication and 

     Jay at Array Solutions was extremely helpful with stacking data, equipment 
and assistance.  

     The tower rotation system designed and fabricated by Richard, K0XG, has 
performed flawlessly.  It is a system that is a pleasure to behold!

Thanks to all!

Cliff Bond
NC4CB (Formerly WA4MWM)
Winston-Salem, NC
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