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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Sparky Pays a Visit
From: Joe - WD0M <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 14:49:02 -0600
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Hi Alan,

Excellent point.  I'm in the process of 
rearranging the cables - haven't updated the 
photo.  I did have a strike, and nothing untoward 
happened to the protected side.  Although I'd 
agree with Polyphaser, given the strength of a 
strike, the distance between one side of a 
protector and the other side (just mere inches) 
would indicate that there is some element of 
risk, despite how far away you keep the 
protected/unprotected cables from each other.

Thanks for your comments....we all learn.


At 02:27 PM 8/3/2005, Alan NV8A (ex. AB2OS) wrote:
>I don't yet have my tower up and any lightning 
>protection in place. I bought a bunch of 
>Polyphaser devices at Dayton, but at present I 
>am simply disconnecting everything when the station is not in use.
>Your single-point ground panel seems to 
>contravene a basic recommendation made by 
>Polyphaser -- to have distinct "protected" and 
>"unprotected" sides separated as far as possible 
>(sorry, I can't find a diagram on their Web 
>site, but see Fig. 12 in
>You have cables crossing from one side of the 
>grounding panel to the other, which I understand to be highly undesirable.
>Alan NV8A


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