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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 20:35:53 -0400
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I agree with those who advise to contact a professional. It is worth the small 
added expense.

Case in point:  

I required (at my tower site) a 375kW motor generator (450hp diesel),  which 
supported 12 services (meters), 5 portable generator hookups (for the cellular 
guys) as well as a 20x20 room filled with transfer switches (200Amp to 1800 
amp) and load bank. And of course, the usual  grounding, conduits, feeds, 
trenching, 2K gallon OSHA/NFPA tank.etc etc . I could have drawn it up myself , 
but I realized I could easily miss something.

Called a licensed professional, paid him $1500, and he designed  & oversaw the 
installation of the whole system with safety, performance, dependability, 
ease of maintenance...and the best part...

                                                MY INSURANCE COMPANY LOVED IT  
as well as the town authorities.

If nothing else, having the blessing of the insurance company makes calling in 
a pro worthwhile. It was probably the best $1.5k I ever spent on the site. 
The long term savings has long covered his fee. 

I realize a residence is much simpler, but I always say...Call a pro... its 
worth the $ for peace of mind.

Good luck!

73, Mike KM1R 

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