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Re: [TowerTalk] Why preload guy lines?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Why preload guy lines?
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 14:54:14 -0400
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Why preload guy lines?

>>   Steve - since you brought this up, I have a related question for 
you. When I first read the Loos literature at their website, they made 
it plain that their gauges were calibrated for the stainless lines used 
on boats. I figured that the way the gauges work it was possible that a 
stainless line and an EHS line of the same diameter might produce 
different readings when tensioned to the same amount (the EHS is a lot 
stiffer, right?). So, I asked the Loos people about that and they told 
me to contact YOU with the question! Never did that, so am doing it 
now. Do you know if there is any difference in the measured tension on 
the two types of guy lines that have been adjusted to the same tension 
with the conventional type of gauge?

>>  For those who haven't used one, the Loos gauge is definitely the 
way to go and makes checking the tension periodically very easy.

     When any wire or cable is tightened, it becomes more rod-like. At 
that point it doesn't really make any difference what the material is - 
it still exhibits the same property - and deflection, which is what 
you're measuring. If cables are the same size, they'll read the same. 
I've even measured Phillystran with one (it'll only measure the 
HPTG4000 - it's the only one that'll fit into the mouth of the gauge).

     You'll nootice that the Loos is about a foot long. It's just 
measuring the deflection in whatever it's attached to. I think there 
are just some simple physics involved to measure the tension.  The Loos 
gauge was designed for sailboat rigging but measuring other cables is 
no problem.

     You may have noticed that these are not official engineering-type 
answers since I'm not one. This is my understanding of them.

Steve   K7LXC

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