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Re: [TowerTalk] Gap Titan

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Gap Titan
From: Richard Zalewski <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 11:15:53 -0700
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Jim & Dick

This is 80-10 only. It will be a secondary antenna only. I did not realize 
there was a power limitation for 80. Probably when the SWR goes higher is 
where it will be a factor. I have a chain link in the back yard that is 80' 
and then one in the side yard that is 40'. The power lines parallel the 
fence in the back yard and are only 10' beyond the fence. So for that 
consideration it would probably not be the best on the back fence but may 
become necessary. The side fence would put it closer to the neighbor and 
closer to the existing tower which I was trying to avoid. However, I think 
the field directly under the tower might be a good spot. I really do not 
want to elevate the antenna so I was thinking of a mast that would be almost 
the height of the fence.. This would be set in concrete and anchored to the 


8/13/05, Dick Green WC1M <> wrote:
> Hard to say without knowing the dimensions and layout of the chainlink
> fence. How high/long is it?
> Be advised that the Gap Titan is pretty much a dummy load on 80m. Also,
> don't run more than 500w out on 80m -- more will destroy the internal 
> coax.
> 73, Dick WC1M
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> > I am going to acquire a Gap Titan as a second antenna and was
> > wondering if there might be an opinion (Ha Ha) as to how far
> > from a chain link fence the antenna might have to be installed.
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> > Tnx es 73
> > Dick W7ZR
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Tnx es 73
Dick W7ZR

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