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[TowerTalk] using utility (wooden) poles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] using utility (wooden) poles
From: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 21:41:41 -0400
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Having worked on a pole gang (telephone) years ago, one caveat I always 
remembered was that pole may not necessarily carry the intended load.

The main contributing factors are of course, soil type, and type of load. One 
must remember... ALL utility poles are guyed, NO exception. Either by dedicated 
guys or by the wires and cables they carry. 

Understandibly, they are pretty strong, and quite indestructible, but they are 
not without weaknesses in load capability.

One cannot just install, say an unguyed  60 foot pole,  and hang a 40m beam on 
it. There IS some engineering involved. The best thing for peace of mind (and 
keeping the insurance company happy) is to bite the bullet and spend a few 
bucks on an engineer. You might find one at the local utility who is willing to 

And wooden poles are not totally transparent (RF wise) to an antenna system, 
since a properly installed pole must have a ground bus running from the top to 

other than that, they are a good source of antenna supports.

Mike KM1R

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