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Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 22:44:48 -0000
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Ah, the 'favorite adjuster' stories....  long ago, and right in this qth, I
had a 40-2cd at 150' that folded in an ice storm.  I contacted the insurance
company which told me to get an estimate to get it replaced.  I gave the
info to a pro who was a friend of the engineer for some local radio stations
(and also a ham) who wrote me up a very nice estimate...  time estimates,
rates for him above and below 100', helpers, removal, new antenna, assembly,
feedline, tuning, etc, etc...  the insurance adjuster made some calls and
came back with a price about 1/10'th of what I had gotten.  I asked her who
it was and said I would love to have someone who worked that cheap and asked
for his phone number.  When I called it the person answering it said it was
a grocery store.  I asked if John Doe worked there and if he did antennas,
they told me he did satellite dishes on the side.  I called the adjuster
back and said this other guy wasn't qualified to get within 150' of my tower
let alone 150' off the ground.  After a short discussion of the liability
possibilities if they had him do the work she understood and seemed ready to
talk.  Funny how insurance adjusters understand liability risks like that.
But then I proposed I could probably do most of the work myself for about
half what the pro estimated... they gladly paid up which easily repaired the
broken one and added a new one plus some other stuff by the time I was done.

David Robbins K1TTT
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> I concur: treat the adjuster with the same professional respect you would
> want.
> years ago I lost a large Telrex rotor and a 4 el full size yagi due to
> ice. Neither were in production anymore,
> and I had replacement value on them. I showed the adjuster the original
> ads for the two items (with the $$) and
> documentation (QST press releases) that showed the two companies out of
> business.
> He asked : "what would it cost to have these made today?" After a short
> burp, he said, "give us YOUR estimate,
> and get them rebuilt so they never break again". They paid rapidly, in
> full, and I did in fact replace with another
> Telrex and a larger antenna!  My homowners never went up due to this
> claim.
> Not sure if this is still the case in 2005 though.
> replacement value, give him documentation, don't try to makew a killing on
> it, yes, be nice!
> 73 all,
> Mike KM1R


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