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[TowerTalk] 20m / 5 el vs 4 el 1/2 wave boom

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 20m / 5 el vs 4 el 1/2 wave boom
From: KT2Q <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 18:09:33 -0400
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Down to the wire here. Phone in-hand ready to place the order for a 20 meter 
monobander. It's either the Force12 5 element or the M2 4 element 20M4DX. 
Both have 1/2 wave booms - 36ft.

I would assume the extra element on the F12 enhances performances a little 
in terms of f/b and gain curves. Figures are about the same on each antenna; 
23db f/b 7.5 or so dbd gain.

The F12 is about 200 bucks more and about 15lbs heavier. Both are well made 
antennas, but the question is; does the extra element buy much?

73 Tony KT2Q 


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