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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Birds on antennas
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Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 22:00:27 -0400
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> There have been a lot of comments, but this topic is not much
> different from birds on sailboats...  so here goes:
> *  Birds are smart.  Plastic owls are not.  Not even when their
> little heads bob, and they face North.  They don't work,
> at least, not for long.
> *  CD's seem to....a string of them between the headstay and mast,
> and somewhere aft, or along the lifelines, seems to work.
> The reflections annoy the birds.  But they wll probably be
> altogether too visible and annoying for humans, as well.

Put 'em on a boom and make an antenna for 440.

> *  Safety reasons seem to preclude shooting 'em.

Depends on where you live and who you have for neighbors.

>  Yet, air rifles
> or pellet guns might have sufficiently limited range to be
> effective.  Or, possibly slingshots.  Check your local laws

If they are strong enough to be effective they are probably strong enough to 
do damage to the antenna(s)

> regarding weapons discharge, and see what the police recommend.

Mine are guns. I bought them for fun, not work.<:-))
Get on good terms with your neighbors. I think mine would buy the 

> The head of public works in a town I lived in got really pissed
> off at the birds on a tree over his he persuaded them
> to leave.  Unfortunately, the neighbors didn't take kindly to the
> weapons discharge,  and he no longer works where he lives.  They
> didn't prosecute...but he had to resign.

That seems a bit extreme, unless one or more of his neighbors were on the 
city council or at least very influencial.

And it adds a lot of wind drag. Worse if you have ice storms.
> *  Loose tubing is an interesting idea.  But unless you can cover
> the entire antenna with it, birds will eventually figure out
> what's not going to dump them every time they land.

> *  How about shooting paper wads from a shotgun?  Should be safe..

Without going into the mechanics other than specific powders require 
weight/resistance/inertia of a rather narrow range. Remove the load and they 
sorta go fffftttttppp, or at the strongest a mile "pop!"

> particularly if cleared with law enforcement in advance.
> Question is whether they'd carry to the tower top.

Highly unlikely.  Even plastic bullets are relatively ineffective beyond 20 
or 30 feet.

> *  and finally...I was requested to shoot a bow and arrow over a tree,
> in Chevy Chase MD, in order to properly elevate a 160m antenna.
> After some inspection, I declined.  It's a weapon...and discharge is
> illegal.  Entirely too suburban to avoid hitting something unintended.

Borrow your neighbor's bow and then blame it on your neighbor?

Here the lots are 1/2 acre with mine and the neighbors to the south being 
one acre.  No houses to the west or adjacent to the north.  I'd only have to 
worry about getting the line caught in a tree or the arrow stuck in my roof. 
(They're really hard on shingles)

In addition, most migratory birds (including crows) are protected.  A few 
like Ducks, Geese, and Crows do have a limited season.

That was one of the things I liked when I lived out in the country on the 
edge of the old family farm.  I could pick up a rifle, shot gun, or hand gun 
and blaze away and no one would complain. Now I have to drive over 10 miles 
just to get in some practice.

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

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