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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna stuff
From: Dennis OConnor <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 06:19:22 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <>
This is a copy of my post to the 3830 reflector....  
   FT1000 MK-V transceiver - TRLOG - and an old 256K Pentium with  Windows 
98... One really old op with bad hearing, lousy CW skills, and  
Alwhatshisname's disease who drove from 3 states away on Friday to get  home in 
time for the contest...
  I use CQWW for antenna testing, nor really for contesting - as you can  tell 
from the qso to country ratio... This years test antenna, a 2  element vertical 
array, is the best yet doubling last years country  count... The reference 
antenna is, as always, the dipole at 120 feet,  hanging in the North-South 
direction...  Europe is at a 45 degree  angle to the pattern - but the towers 
do not rotate <sigh>   OTOH, the dipole was king on the 6W1 qso...
  It is fascinating to follow the change in the receive vertical arrival  
angles during the night... Roughly 2/3 of the time both the vertical  antenna 
and the high dipole will copy/work the arriving signals, though  one or the 
other may be favored by an S-unit, or so...  At times  the dipole is the 
favored antenna and at other times the lower angle  vertical is better - when 
the vertical array is favored it can be  slight or as much as 3 to 6 S-units!  
I have seen signals that  were S7-S9 on the vertical array that were in the 
noise on the  dipole... The old adage that you can never have too many antennas 
is  still valid...
  There are times on transmit when the vertical array and the dipole will  show 
roughly the same S reading on the signal, but one will make the  qso and the 
other won't... Of course, it can be pure chance that I  don't get the Q on one 
antenna and then do get it on the other... Other  times, I can tell that the DX 
station is not hearing one antenna at all  but responds to the other 
immediately... Yet, the receive signals are  roughly the same...   I still 
don't have a solid theory on  this, but I'm working on it... If only CQWW came 
more often...
  With the two element vertical array having a 10dB, or more, FB ratio  the 
need for a Beverage is definitely less... The high dipole always  has more 
receive noise than the two element array... I can often hear  better on the 
directional array even when using the dipole for  transmit...  A vertical 
antenna, a single or a 2 element array,  and a dipole or horizontal loop will 
give the space limited ham a  better chance at increasing the country count 
over using just one or  the other...
  cheers  ...  denny

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