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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 16:01:15 -0000
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I need some opinions on a direction to go with an array I have built.  It is
a 4 square for 160 M using 90  ft vertical T's with 45 ft top hats supported
by a center 140 ft tower.  At present it is being fed by phasing lines
through a borrowed Comtek box.  My original plan was to buy the DX
Engineering phasing box once they get it to market but after studying the 5
element array on page 13-31 of Low Band DXing, 4 the edition I am now
questioning that decision.  K3LR is the one that used the array on 160
whereby he feeds the center tower only and uses the other verticals as
directors or reflectors plus an omni selection by floating all the elements.
Each vertical is changed from reflector to director by means of a relay and
a loading coil.  The big question is whether to proceed with the DX Eng
driven system which give 8 directions plus omni or going with the parasitic?
By the time it is all said and done probably price is not a factor as I have
already laid the phasing lines out .  The price on the parasitic would be
the cost of the relays, boxes, inductors, omega match caps for center tower
and all the control line cable plus the time of tuning them.  The driven
system would just be buying the phasing box and hooking it up as the
vertical are all tuned.  Any comments?
73 Mike K4PI


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