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From: "Federico Zanini - IK3UMT" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 18:05:53 +0100
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I live in a urban environment where QRM/N is S8-9 all day (that's why my
request about k9ay) and i can say you YES, Wellbrook loop makes the
difference , you can receive signals even 4-5 S point down but received
signal comes up in between qrm.
Pros are weight , dimension, capability to reyect "electric" component of
qrm and you can null out some 90 degrees coming big signals.
Cons by the way are reduced capture area and the fact that antenna is
untuned (it receives and preaplify your low dx signal and 9+60 AM broadcast
station as well .....!!)
Keep in mind I have it at top of my yagis @ 20mt in totally free space.
However i repeat I always hear signals that I can't copy with sloper but
never vice-versa.
It would be nice if a remotely tunable preselector had been placed direct to
loop before preamplifier (but it is resin-sealed inside loop base).

It works the same in 160 as in 80
That's all.
Best regards.

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I don't have any experience with the K9AY loop due to its size. I am
interested in the Wellbrook loop.

I have a good transmitting vertical for 80m but I have S9 noise from my

Can you tell me more about the Wellbrook loop?  How does it do on noise.  It
doesn't sound like its working very well on 1.8mhz.


Rich - N5ZC

> From: "Federico Zanini - IK3UMT" <>
> Date: 2006/01/03 Tue AM 09:39:15 EST
> To: <>
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] k9ay
> Hi all,
> Firt of all I want to thanks all hams who suggested to me various antenna
> systems for topband transmissions.
> I want to ask you how a k9ay works relatively to 1.8 MHz , as the antenna
> a optimal solution for MW reception as stated in many literature.
> Does it maintain their carachteristics of nulling, directivity, quietness
> operation and so on even at higher frequencies than MW ???
> Now i'm using a half-sloper and a welbrook ala1530 loop but none of them
> capable to bring out some DX stations from QRM...
> I'm also glad to know performances versus dimensions as i read that these
> ones are not rigid or critical.
> Thanks in advance
> 73
> Federico ik3umt
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