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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 20:19:13 -0000
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Dear Federico,  you wrote:

"I want to ask you how a k9ay works relatively to 1.8 MHz , as the antenna 
a optimal solution for MW reception as stated in many literature.
Does it maintain their carachteristics of nulling, directivity, quietness
operation and so on even at higher frequencies than MW ???
Now i'm using a half-sloper and a welbrook ala1530 loop but none of them are
capable to bring out some DX stations from QRM..."

Federico, The K9AY will maintain the above characteristics to at least 2MHz. 
My own experience is that the K9AY performs less well up to 4MHz; this is 
probable due to unsteady arrival angles!
The new design Wellbrook K9AY will deliver approx. 12dB more gain than the 
ALA1530 at the lower end of MW and TB ( K9AY Antenna Factor is approx. 
+4.0dB V/m to Vout at 50 Ohms at 1.8MHz, don't ask me what this is in dBi; I 
have lost the conversion formula! ). Also as the K9AY loop size is much 
higher than the ALA1530, then an antenna noise level will be lower only in 
very low QRN sites. The main advantage of the K9AY is the directivity, once 
the antenna is adjusted for optimum F/B at the higher end of MW; then you 
should have no trouble in achieving a 20dB or better F/B on TB.


Andy Ikin

Wellbrook Communications


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