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To: (Doug Robson),
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Antennas
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 15:46:19 +0000
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Why should these people supply their intellectual property for free?  If they 
want the designs - they should pay for it.  If you want to create the 
easy-to-put-together and stay-up, you should either pay for the antenna; pay 
for the design or build your own.  

How typical.......just like the hams that ask a person regarding an item at a 
hamfest, but never buy.  Then when the guy selling leaves the stuff in a 
dumpster - watch the hams jump off their scooters and go "dumpster-diving"......

"There is no such thing as a free lunch"

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From: (Doug Robson) 

> Hi all, 
> Maybe the sensible thing to do would be for the folks that still have their 
> phone number to contact them once again and plead, beg, supplicate, etc to 
> have 
> them release to the ham public the design plans for their antenna and those 
> of 
> us still wanting to make use of a well designed quad can fend for themselves 
> on 
> the materials. 
> The basic concept of the quad is available from many sources, but ones that 
> go 
> together and work with little effort and stay up! - now there's some 
> knowledge that should not be lost to present and future posterity - IMHO 
> 73 
> Doug Robson - KI4LZC 
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