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[TowerTalk] rotatable k9ay and more...

Subject: [TowerTalk] rotatable k9ay and more...
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 22:34:26 +0100 (CET)
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Hi All
Here I come again on (unanswered) question about rotatable k9ay loop
I've never considered this antenna before since I was not really
interested in topband 'til now (after 14 years of hamradio....hmm).
So I'm picking up some info about on internet.

I've understood that a single loop has a sharp null on loop plane and only
in one direction (splitting loop terminals we have opposite direction
null) and it has to be peaked adjusting Rterm.
With classic "two loops" configuration we have 4 deep nulls available
(i.e. N,E,S,W)
Several articles claim antenna to be 360 degrees elctrically rotatable.
What they intend ??? I see a cardioid pattern which,yes, I can rotate ,
but in only 4 position.....
First time I was thinking that null control was able to rotate somewhat
cardioid pattern making two loops to interact but I was wrong....
That's why my question : if i've got to null out a signal coming 45
degrees from loops plane (from my previous example a NE, NW, SE or SW
interfering signal) what is antenna behaviour ?? What settings operator
must use ???

So I came to idea that a single k9ay loop with fixed connections (but
still adjustable Rterm) can be mechanically rotated with a normal light
duty rotator to place null exactly where we need.

Will be this solution useful/funcioning ???

Thanks, Federico


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